Employment laws in the UK - free employment law guide from Lawrite

Employment laws in the UK - free employment law guide

A free guide to British employment law for workers, employees, employers, business owners and managers. Information about employment contracts, employment status, employee, worker or self-employed, unfair dismissal, flexible working rights, maternity and paternity leave, parental leave, holiday entitlement, the Working Time Regulations, wages, equal pay, sick pay, disciplinary and grievance procedures, redundancy, pensions, equality and discrimination at work.

Bishopsgate Law

Bishopsgate Law, solicitors in London and Hertfordshire, are employment law and employment tribunal experts.

Free employment tribunal claim case assessment

How to get an employment tribunal claim case assessment by e-mail.

Employment law help for employees

Employment law help for employees from Bishopsgate Law solicitors.

Your rights at work law guide

Your rights at work - free employment law guide for employees from Bishopsgate Law.

Lawrite Lawshop

HR and legal support for employers in the UK

All employers – even if they have less than 10 employees - need HR and legal support for help with common workplace issues including:

  • what holidays, work breaks and sick pay their staff are entitled to;
  • how to deal with people who don’t turn up to work on time or who take lots of time off sick;
  • what they need to put in written contracts of employment, and the legal and HR policies their staff must have access to;
  • when they can take disciplinary action or legally dismiss employees;
  • what to do when staff are not performing well at their jobs;
  • how to respond when staff ask for flexible working hours or other changes to their terms and conditions;
  • what their legal obligations are to their staff over maternity leave, paternity leave, shared parental leave, and time off for family emergencies;
  • how to act lawfully and fairly when staff raise grievances about their working conditions or make allegations of harassment or discrimination at work;
  • what they need to do if they want to make people redundant, or change their job roles, terms and conditions, or pay rates.

Lawrite subscription services for employers

Using Lawrite services, employers can make sure:

  • all staff have written contracts of employment, or contractor agreements, or director service agreements;
  • they have an employee handbook with all the required HR policies and procedures;
  • they have templates for letters to use when dealing with disciplinary and grievance procedures, performance review, redundancy and dismissals, and other HR issues;
  • they have detailed employment law and health and safety law manuals;
  • they have unlimited telephone legal advice from experienced employment lawyers.

Lawrite services have been used by thousands of small business employers in the UK to give them the legal documents and the HR and legal support they need.

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Subscriptions to the Lawrite Employer Support Service can be bought online at the Lawrite Lawshop.

Find out more about Lawrite subscription services for employers at the Lawrite Lawshop.

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