Free UK employment law guide

A guide about British employment law, employment contracts, equality and discrimination at work, unfair dismissal, flexible working rights, the Working Time Regulations, etc. Online and free pdf e-book.

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Fixed-cost employment law and HR services for employers

Lawrite HR fixed-cost employment law and HR support subscriptions have been used by thousands of employers in the UK.

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HR, employment law and your business - free pdf e-book

Free pdf e-book for employers, business owners and managers from Lawrite HR about HR, employment law and your business.

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Contract of employment templates

Lawrite HR templates for contracts of employment have been used by thousands of employers to issue proper contracts of employment to their employees.

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Employee handbook templates

Lawrite HR templates for employee handbooks have been used by thousands of employers to communicate HR policies and procedures to their employees.

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Employers' News – get latest news about employment law and HR

See the Employers' News blog for employment law, HR and health and safety law news for employers, business owners and managers.

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Legal advice for employees

If you are an employee you can find out more about your employment rights at work, and how to get legal advice from a solicitor if you have been unfairly dismissed, or discriminated against in the workplace.

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Independent legal advice about settlement agreements

If you are offered a settlement agreement by your employer you should seek independent legal advice before you sign it.

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