HR documents from Lawrite

HR documents from Lawrite

Employers can buy from Lawrite template documents for contracts of employment, contractor agreements, director service agreements, HR policies and procedures in employee handbooks, and letters to employees to deal with disciplinary and grievance procedures, performance review, redundancy and dismissals.

Lawrite Documents package

The Lawrite Documents package has been used by thousands of UK employers for contracts of employment, staff handbooks including all the required HR policies and procedures, contractor agreements, many other HR letters and forms to use when dealing with staff, and health and safety policies and statements.

There is a detailed Guide to Using the Document Templates. There is also an Employment Law Manual, a quick-reference A to Z Guide to Employment Law, an HR Guide for Employers, and a Guide to Health and Safety Law (a total of more than 700 pages of useful guidance).

The Lawrite Documents package for employers is available by annual subscription which includes legal and template updates, from the Lawrite Lawshop.

Buy the Lawrite Documents package now at the Lawrite Lawshop and be producing contracts of employment, employee handbooks and health and safety statements within minutes.

Lawrite Employer Support Service

Annual subscriptions to the Lawrite Employer Support Service give you the documents package, law guides, and updates, and unlimited legal advice from employment lawyers, as well.

Lawrite Lawshop

Buy Lawrite subscriptions at the Lawrite Lawshop

Annual subscriptions to the Lawrite Documents Package for employment law, HR, and health and safety document templates, and the Lawrite Employer Support Service for unlimited legal advice from employment lawyers, as well.

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