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Wages, equal pay and sick pay

National Minimum Wage

Employees must receive at least the National Minimum Wage and are legally entitled to an itemised pay statement at or before the time of payment.

HM Revenue and Customs officers have the right to carry out checks to see if the National Minimum Wage is being paid at any time and ask to see payment records.

They can also investigate employers, following a worker’s complaint to them.

If it is found that an employer has not been paying the correct rates, any arrears have to be paid back immediately. There will also be a financial penalty to pay (the maximum is £20,000).

It is the employer’s responsibility to keep records proving that they are paying the National Minimum Wage.

Equal pay

Men and women must receive equal pay for work that is alike, work rated as the equivalent and work that is of equal value.

Statutory sick pay

All qualifying employees must receive statutory sick pay from the fourth day of incapacity.